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Device-native conversational assistance

Save time logging to salesforce

Tact can be summoned from any of salespeople’s favorite connected devices, whether an iOS and Android phone, Amazon Alexa, or other smart platforms. Tact’s AI capabilities turn devices into conversational assistants. With the ease of one scan, swipe, text or voice-command, Tact integrates all of your most important databases like LinkedIn, Salesforce and phone contacts. Stop wasting time switching screens or logging into different apps. Gain the efficiency you need to spend more time in front of customers, not computers.

Instant logging of activities into CRM

Save time logging to salesforce

Tact logs the seller’s activities to CRM immediately after each customer call or meeting, capturing essential details of each interaction in seconds. Since the platform is bi-directional, data flows to and from the seller back into the database, leading to higher quality data that managers can rely on for better forecasting and deal tracking. More productivity for the field means more predictability for decision-makers.

CRM visibility in every call, email, and meeting

Use your email calendar contactapps

CRM shouldn’t just be a database. Tact surfaces customer history when most needed, whether in a customer call, email, or meeting. This arms the seller with rich customer profiles, reminding them of their past interactions with whomever they are engaging with. The platform is easy to configure, automatically bringing in all CRM customizations, common objects and records, custom fields, record types and layouts. Leverage the past to improve your organization’s future.

100% Offline sync native architecture

Fast and reliable everywhere

Tact is powered by its patented native offline sync capabilities which stores data locally — directly onto the seller’s devices — so it is always available. Unlike other platforms which simply cache a small set of records, Tact works 100% offline so you don’t lose access during a flight or in areas with limited wifi coverage, resulting in no-compromise data availability. It also synchronizes data with multiple backend enterprise systems beyond CRM including content and storage and customer support tools.

Full administrative controls

Full admin controls

Tact has management features designed specifically for enterprise CRM and IT administrators. It gives them full visibility and extensive analytics into their sales business’ use of Tact, while safeguarding company and customer data with role-based controls. Tact also integrates with major Mobile Device Management platforms including Airwatch, MobileIron and Good Technologies, giving administrators the ability to remotely manage and wipe application data on smart devices.

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