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Your paid subscription to Tact includes: Pro Enterprise
Fast Native Apps for iOS, Android (beta) & Chrome (beta)
Full offline functionality
Salesforce integration including Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Tasks, Events & Notes
Exchange, Gmail, LinkedIn & phone integration
Business card scanner
Power dialer
1-tap logging of emails, meetings and calls
Maps, routing & geolocation
Email & file tracking
Salesforce custom objects
MDM Integrations
Administrative console (AppExchange package)
Data control & remote wipe
Usage reports
Consolidated billing
Phone support
Named customer success manager
Architect hours
Configured & customized for your company *
Implementation & onboarding
* Optional. May require separate setup fee.

Common Questions & Resources


You can find some videos showing an overview of Tact here. If you manage a team and would like a live demo, contact us anytime.
The main differentiating factors between Tact from the Salesforce1 mobile app is that Tact is:

1. Fast & reliable while mobile — Tact isn’t just a pretty interface; it’s fast and reliable on mobile devices. Salesforce1 is an HTML5 app, meaning that it constantly relies on a strong cellular/WiFi connection. So if you are on the road with spotty coverage, the app can be slow or unresponsive. Tact, however, is a truly native application for the best mobile experience on each device.

2. Full offline functionality — Tact always lets you do your work, wherever you work — even offline. Salesforce1 requires a constant cellular/WiFi connection to work, but Tact works seamlessly by syncing Salesforce data locally on each mobile device, updating changes when there’s a connection.

3. Integrated communication — Tact creates a more seamless workflow by combining Salesforce and the tools salespeople use everyday (ex: email, calendar and phone apps) into a single app. Instead of switching between multiple apps and having to remember to use Salesforce1 for logging activities, Tact becomes a part of a salesperson's daily flow, which we call “Salesflow.”
Not exactly. Tact is an application that acts as the primary interface to — or sits “on top of” — CRM systems rather than replacing them.

A CRM system like Salesforce consists of 2 components: a database which houses all of the information, and the application interface that allows you to access and manipulate that data. The Salesforce database is world-class. However, we saw a big need for salespeople to interact with CRM systems in a better way in order to increase CRM adoption and overall sales productivity.
Tact integrates deeply with Salesforce in several ways:

1. Salesforce access — Tact acts as a direct interface to Salesforce, allowing users to interact with all Salesforce data (ex: leads, opportunities, contacts, accounts, tasks and more).

2. Salesforce customizations — Tact auto-loads the customizations made by your Salesforce administrator (ex: standard, custom and required fields, record types and page layouts). No extra work is needed on your or your administrator’s part — just install the app and we’ll do that automatically for you.

3. Data syncing & de-duplication — Tact syncs and de-duplicates your Salesforce data with external data sources (ex: your email, calendar and phone apps) so you can see contextual information from Salesforce in all of your sales communications and activities.

4. Local data storage on devices — Tact stores relevant Salesforce data locally on user devices to provide a faster and more reliable user experience, even offline access.

5. Separation of user and company data — To make life easier, Tact syncs data from your phone (ex: contacts and meetings) with your company’s Salesforce database into one place. However, we don’t automatically post your personal data into Salesforce nor do we let you export Salesforce data. When you leave the company, your personal data stays with you and your company’s Salesforce data gets removed from your Tact account.
Not necessarily. Tact fully syncs with your email, calendar and contacts, so you don’t have to stop using your native apps that come with your phone. In fact, those apps may have a few features that don’t exist in Tact yet. However, our goal is to provide the tightest possible integration of your email, calendar and contacts with Salesforce in Tact so that it’s the best app to use when you are in “work mode”, i.e. selling and communicating with customers.

Getting Started

In most cases, no. Tact can be downloaded and installed without any assistance from your IT admin — it literally takes minutes. The only exceptions are if your IT administrator has specifically blocked 3rd party applications from accessing your Salesforce instance or your email server. In this case, you will need to speak with your IT admin to allow access to Tact.
In most cases, yes. However, this will depend on your company’s expense policy. If not, you can always put us in contact with your manager to discuss team pricing. Feel free to contact us for help.
Here are some demo videos of how to use Tact. We’re always adding more to make it easier to get started. Feel free to contact us for help.

Security & Privacy

We take the security of your data very seriously.

Our server infrastructure hosted on Amazon Web Services and is secured using industry best practices, implemented by our own security team and reviewed by 3rd party security experts. Your data is encrypted and transmitted securely to your device using SSL. We also use Apple's data protection APIs to encrypt the data stored on your phone. Tact has passed Salesforce's security review and is a certified app on the AppExchange.

For more information on Amazon Web Services’ security and data protection controls and certifications, please visit
Yes we are an approved ISV partner of Salesforce. Tact has passed Salesforce's security review and is a certified app on the AppExchange.
Your data belongs to you. We do not take ownership of any of your or your company’s data. You can remove your data from our servers at any time directly from the app’s Settings or you can contact us. If your company has an enterprise license, your company administrator can remotely wipe out company owned data from our servers and your device.

More questions? Let us help.

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